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      Welcome to the website of Hebei Shida Seal Group Co., Ltd.

      About us

      Professional construction machinery seals production joint-stock private enterprises.

      Hebei Shida Seals Group Co., Ltd.
      Hebei Shida Seal Group Co., Ltd. an ISO/TS16949 certified manufacturer of standard &custom extruded rubber ,extruded plastic, molded rubber. We have built our reputation through designing, developing and manufacturing rubber sealing systems to suit customer specific requirements.
      • 5800Ten thousand yuan

        Registered capital

      • 1.1Billion yuan

        total assets

      • 40000Square meter

        Area covered

      • 320people

        Existing staff

      Product display

      Production of a variety of rubber, plastic seals and seals, rubber products.

      News information

      CAD software is used for product design and computer simulation.


      Mainly engaged in product design and processing production.

      Copyright ? 2023 Hebei Shida Seals Group Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
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